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Prolong your ŠKODA Connect Services for special winter price now.

With ŠKODA Connect you won’t be stopped by what winter sends your way

We are proud and thankful that more than 300,000 of ŠKODA customers worldwide are already taking advantage of their Connected Car. As such we strongly believe that you will find ŠKODA Connect services convenient during the upcoming winter season when you may face colder mornings, frosty roads and snow covered parking lots.

To enable you to take advantage of this added convenience ŠKODA Connect services are now available with a special limited time price offering. Not familiar with ŠKODA Connect Services yet? See below to understand what benefits current customers appreciate the most:

Infotainment Online

• Stable access to weather and news information from the internet
• Planning routes from the comfort of your home and remotely sending them directly to your vehicle’s navigation
• Online information about traffic and parking spaces
• Online Map updates
• And much more

Care Connect – Remote Access

• Displaying your vehicle’s fuel level and travel range on your smartphone
• The ability to check remotely via smartphone that you have locked your vehicle and closed all windows
• Locating the vehicle in large parking areas using the locator and Honk and Flash function
• Auxiliary Heating/Cooling of your car from anywhere
• And much more

ŠKODA Connect Services

Find more information about ŠKODA Connect services, including how to purchase or renew your services via the ŠKODA Connect Shop.

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